Paul Nash – uncanny landscapes

A monochrome abstract painting of the sea

Paul Nash Winter Sea, 1925-1937, York Museums Trust

During one of my many internet meanders during this section I came across Paul Nash’s painting ‘Winter Sea’ (1925-1937, York Museums Trust). It struck a chord with what I was thinking about for my water collages so I did a bit more research and found his work is showing at York Museums Trust until April 2018. I then discovered that the exhibition has been curated by John Stezaker and some of his work is also being shown.

“Nash felt a kinship with his surrealist contemporaries like Giorgio de Chirico and Rene Magritte. But his particular contribution to British art was to keep this estranged sense of unreality focused on the representation of the everyday world rather than on inner worlds or fantasy spaces.” Stezaker, York Art Gallery

I had some awareness of Nash’s paintings but hadn’t really realised how significant an influence he was. Views seem to vary on the quality of his surrealism but I find his landscapes from between the wars stimulating and intriguing. Seeing them alongside Stezaker’s own work is an extraordinary opportunity.

Coincidentally York Museums is one of the organisations included in a project I am currently working on so I am hoping to get to see the show in York at some point soon.




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