Archive tip!

I had, so I thought, all I needed. A pile of photograph albums, my camera set up as a copy stand and a new scanner that could take film and prints. On gently peeling back the sticky film on the album page I soon discovered it would be more of a challenge than I had imagined. Having been in the albums in some cases for more than forty years the images were stuck fast! I tried some gentle tugging but it was obvious they were going to tear if I applied too much pressure.

After a bit of a web search I found this great little video from the Smithsonian. I wanted to capture it here because it was so useful and to remind me they offer a range of advice. The answer it seems is dental floss, which is handy because it is also a tool I also use in my food photography (it’s great for cutting soft cheese – the non-minty version obviously!).

It takes a little while to get the hang of but works a treat and I now have my photos released from their lifelong home.