The next level

Well, it was a bit of sprint but I made it to the end of my last Level One course. Here I am at the beginning of Level Two and I am curious as to what this will bring. My last course was Graphic Design One and I enjoyed it far more than I expected, it brought me new skills, encouraged my playfulness and opened up my influences.

I am a little nervous about returning to the ‘photography’ pathway as I have been enjoying a multi-disciplinary approach. I am hoping that by doing Digital Image and Culture as my first Level Two course it will allow me to continue to experiment and not be boxed into a predetermined discipline. I am coming to regard myself (or at least aspiring to be) more of a photo-artist than a photographer.

I am delighted that the first section of DI&C includes collage and photomontage and I am looking forward to carrying on that area of work. Something I both enjoy and is challenging. I notice that there is a lot of reading included in the course and a critical essay for Assignment Three. I am mindful that I will need to make notes as I go, but also to make sure I am still doing some creative work alongside. I found this was important in other courses and I’m now also used to doing a lot of development work through Graphic Design One.

I have found that my Instagram account and occasionally taking part in 64Million artists have both been helpful in keeping my practice going while I am also doing research and reading. DI&C here I come!